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The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Prospecting

The Digital Age has brought with it a host of marketing and sales tools. When these tools were still new, they were remarkably successful, but today, e-marketing campaigns are no longer generating the cut-through they once enjoyed.


Sales teams are struggling with a shrinking number of prospects and have become conditioned to work almost exclusively with late-cycle prospects—those who are ready to buy now. These prospects are savvier than yesterday’s prospects: they have done all their research online, they know the competition, and they know what they should expect to pay. In many cases, they have already decided what product they are going to buy and from whom. They’re merely speaking to suppliers as part of their due diligence.


To win these sales, today’s B2B organisations are lowering their prices, which is placing substantial pressure on margins and on the business as a whole. It’s time to change the paradigm.


The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Prospecting introduces a powerful prospecting strategy that brings person-to-person conversation back where it belongs: at the heart of the sales process. At the same time, it allows companies to explore a huge market that is invisible to the vast majority of today’s B2B sellers: early-cycle buyers. These are the prospects who are living with a problem that you can solve, but who haven’t got round to looking for a solution yet.


With a simple and intuitive four-step process, you’ll learn the art of early engagement. You’ll go from a trickling pipeline to a steady flow of qualified prospects, often in as little as a few months. You’ll learn how to define your market, craft your pitch, and how to manage your prospecting team in ways that will produce dependable results. By following the steps outlined in this book, you’ll be guaranteeing sales tomorrow, sales next month, and sales next year.

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RESPECT = Successful B2B Selling 



Successful lead generation is not a short term strategy.

To deliver a strong ROI, lead generation relies on a consistent, ongoing programme over many months and years. This time-frame allows for momentum to be built and a strong sales pipeline to be created.

Click on the image to download FMG's Lead Generation Timeline and see what you can expect over the first 12 months of your campaign when partnering with FMG.

Whether you plan to manage your P2P (person-to-person) prospecting yourself, or are looking to outsource the P2P Prospecting brief is a great starting point. 

BEFORE you make that first call, you need to have a plan.


Once completed this brief will ensure you have all the information required in the one place to build, finetune and get the most from your campaign.

Click on the image to download our P2P Prospecting Brief.

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