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Richard Forrest started life as a Biochemist and Forensic Scientist, but when he was first introduced to the world of sales in 1989, he realised that this was his true calling. Since then, Richard has managed and coached sales teams around the world, and in 2006 set up Forrest Marketing Group, which is now recognised as one of Australia’s top B2B sales prospecting companies. In 2016 FMG's sister company, Air Marketing Group, opened its doors in the UK. Does his approach work? The numbers speak for themselves. Across 2 countries almost 10 million phone calls have resulted in hundreds of thousands of sales leads and hundreds of millions of dollars, pounds and euros in revenue for his clients.

Richard Forrest
Forrest Marketing Group


Richard Forrest is the Founder and Managing Director of Forrest Marketing Group, one of Australia’s top B2B sales prospecting companies. Richard has spent almost 30 years in the world of sales, sales management and sales training and has built and managed teams of sales people across the world, teaching them how to sell successfully.

Richard started Forrest Marketing Group in 2006 to provide high quality B2B sales prospecting and lead generation solutions to businesses struggling to find enough qualified leads for their sales teams. Now, with a team of almost 80 staff in their offices on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, as well as a sister company Air Marketing in the UK and B2C provider Easy Leads also in Sydney, Richard works with some of the biggest brands in Australia, and Forrest Marketing Group is recognised as an industry pioneer and leader. Since 2006, the Group has made almost 10 million phone calls. These calls have generated hundreds of thousands of sales leads resulting in millions of dollars, pounds and euros in revenue for our clients.

Richard is passionate the power of P2P prospecting and demonstrating how a great conversation delivered over the phone is an integral part of the sales process. He wants to show companies how to take back complete control of their sales funnel and address their entire market rather than only a fraction of it.

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