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Richard Forrest


Richard Forrest started life as a Biochemist and Forensic Scientist, but when he was first introduced to the world of sales in 1989, he realised that this was his true calling. Since then, Richard has managed and coached sales teams around the world, and in 2006 set up Forrest Marketing Group, which is now recognised as one of Australia’s top B2B sales prospecting companies. Does his approach work? The numbers speak for themselves. Across 2 countries, almost 10 million phone calls have resulted in hundreds of thousands of sales leads and hundreds of millions of dollars, pounds and euros in revenue for his clients.


Forrest Marketing Group

Forrest Marketing Group (FMG) is a leading Australian provider of outsourced phone-based business development services to clients across Australia & around the world.

FMG offers a full range of phone-based services including lead generation, lead nurturing, telemarketing, appointment setting, inbound call centre services, database management, customer reactivation and engagement and customer service solutions.

Air Marketing Group

Air Marketing Group is an outsourced professional B2B telemarketing company in the UK, helping businesses to generate sales leads using proven telemarketing lead generation strategies.

Air Marketing focuses on helping businesses  generate sales through B2B lead generation, telemarketing, and appointment setting.

Easy Leads

Easy Leads provides affordable Australian telemarketing that comes with a sense of humour and a high degree of professionalism.

Easy Leads have years of experience in the telemarketing industry and can offer telemarketing services at an affordable rate without risking your brand or the quality of our work. 

Education Interactive

Education Interactive brings fun educational Forensic Science Workshops to schools across Australia, the UK & Ireland.

Our incursions aim to encourage a love of and curiosity in science amongst students and show them how science plays an important role in the world outside the classroom.



With Richard's simple and intuitive four-step process, you’ll learn the art of early engagement. You’ll go from a trickling pipeline to a steady flow of qualified prospects, often in as little as a few months. You’ll learn how to define your market, craft your pitch, and how to manage your prospecting team in ways that will produce dependable results. By following the steps outlined in this book, you’ll be guaranteeing sales tomorrow, sales next month, and sales next year.

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Prospecting
Richard Forrest


Richard is passionate about the power of P2P (person to person) prospecting and demonstrating how a great conversation delivered over the phone is an integral part of the sales process. Check out some of his videos covering off why you should sales prospect, when to prospect, the importance of your sales pitch and how to introduce your business to over 10,000 new prospects each year.


Whether you are wanting to find out more about B2B prospecting and how you can uncover your hidden market, or are further down the path and looking for help with a P2P Prospecting campaign, have a look at our downloads which have been designed to provide you with more information and start you on the journey to uncover your hidden market and deliver qualified sales leads and sales day after day, month and month, and year after year.

Sales Tools
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