August 17, 2016

I love avocados.

On toast. In guacamole. Salad. Salsa. Pizza. I even enjoy avocado ice-cream.

I only buy avocados from Ted, who owns and operates the local fruit and vegetable shop in my suburb, Ted’s, because he is a sensational salesperson.

He knows everything there is to know about his quality produce. He also sells from the perspective of truth.

Just last...

July 11, 2016

I’m a fan of digital marketing, online content creation and SEO.

I really am.

They’re effective strategies that generate leads in the form of qualified, knowledgeable purchasers who have a demonstrated need.

So effective, in fact, that many companies have shifted resources from direct lead generation and selling. They’ve moved direct engagement to a later s...

February 2, 2016

I’ve read many books, articles and blog posts on how to succeed in sales and telemarketing. Countless opinions are offered on the subject.

Most of these opinions are, however, repetitive and are rarely challenged. For example, we’ve all heard axioms such as these:

The customer is always right.

Don’t talk. Just listen.

Focus on the customer’s problems, to the...

October 16, 2015

We’ve all heard the song Aretha Franklin released back in 1967.

‘Respect’ was written and recorded by Otis Redding two years earlier, but Franklin added her unique twist.

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T” she sang, “Find out what it means to me. Take care, TCB.”

‘TCB’? That refers to ‘Take Care of Business.’

Over the years, Franklin’s version of ‘Respect’ has become known...

September 21, 2015

When I saw the headline, ‘How to handle gatekeepers and reach decision-makers’, I was interested.

OK, I admit it, I was excited.

Yes, I thought, here’s an online article I can share with my business-to-business (B2B) sales team – tips on how to handle phone conversations with receptionists, personal assistants and others who can help us gain access to C-suit...

July 21, 2015

Once upon a time, in a prosperous kingdom far, far away, the local monarch’s beautiful daughter, Princess Kylie, was bored with all the marriage proposal letters she received each day from potential suitors in neighbouring lands.

Every morning Gwen, her lady-in-waiting, would leave another pile of 20 or 30 on her bedside table. Princess Kylie would sit back a...

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